The Two Bridges Hotel Devon Wedding Photographer

It was wonderful to be the wedding photographer and congratulations to Matthew & Emma on your beautiful wedding at the lovely Two Bridges Hotel on Dartmoor.  I met up with the nervous Matt,  his best-man and usher for a few shots with Alan the Toast-Master who was helping with the ties and button holes.  I caught up with Emma getting ready in a nearby room which made it easy dashing between the two.  Instead of a Maid of Honour, Emma had Man of Honour, Philip to fill the role.  After the ceremony we went onto the lawns for some group-shots, Alan the Toast-Master was a great help in organising the various groups.    All the speeches went really well with much emotion, laughter and hilarity.  The day went very quickly and before long we were heading into the evening and towards the first dance.  After the first dance it was great to see Matt get up with the band and play the drums and guitar.  It was a fun day, thanks for the lovely food.  Talk to you soon.



Are you getting married at The Two Bridges Hotel on Dartmoor, Devon? If you would like me to be your wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



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