Wedding Photography Little Bidlake Farm Devon

It was really nice to be wedding photographer for Poppy & David’s wedding at the lovely Little Bidlake Farm near Okehampton, Devon. We started off with capturing Poppy getting ready with her bridesmaids before meeting up with David.   The ceremony took place outside under the glorious  Devon skies, in the gazebo in front of their friends and family. A very interesting reading was given by Poppy’s brother on space exploration, great to hear something different. They were also treated to music and songs and a further reading.  When it was time to exchange the rings their excitable ring bearing dog came bounding down the steps past the bride & groom and into the guest, all very funny.

After the ceremony had taken place the party enjoyed drinks and canapes. We went on to do some couple shots and thanks to the venue owner Jo for the assistance. As the afternoon moved on the guests enjoyed playing games on the lawn. Trousers were split on the bouncy castle, it was absolutely hilarious. I think one chap went through three pairs!

There was a Lego theme at the wedding breakfast with Lego figures on each place setting, personalised to each guest.  The speeches went really well starting with Poppy’s mum, David’s dad, the best-man, and finishing with the best-women. There was much hilarity and some tears. After the toasts the couple cut the Lego cake, and then went on to the fine selection of desserts made by the guests. They all looked delicious.

After the first dance the guests were treated to The Beatles tribute band ‘Beatles For Sale’, who were very good. David was a little surprised when the band got him up to sing a number, he held his own, proving himself to be a big fan.  It was a great day and I really enjoyed capturing the moments.

Thanks very much for the food it was really nice and very much appreciated.

Talk to you soon.


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