My name is Anthony and I am the photographer behind Special Day Wedding Photos. I moved from Northamptonshire to Exeter to study for a degree in photography at Plymouth University (based in Exeter). If you listen carefully you can still hear the midlands twang! Over the years I have drifted over to North Devon, which is great! The beaches are beautiful and I love to walk with the family and our lab, Timmy, on Exmoor. It’s wonderful!

How did I become a wedding photographer? Simple really. I helped out at a wedding and absolutely loved it but more importantly experienced that moment of clarity and realised that I wanted to do more. It was a eureka moment! From that time on I strived to become a wedding photographer. And here I am enjoying every moment.

Since becoming a wedding photographer I have been featured in publications such as South West Bride, Exeter Living, The Wedding Community blog, Boho Weddings and Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, BrideHour, Daydreaming Bride to name a few. I have just recently become a finalist in the 2018 South West Wedding Awards. Yippee!

So now you know a little about me. Its now time for you to tell me all about you. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to meet up for a chat over coffee, that would be great! I have offices all over the country. Most come in the form of Costa but I am happy to add new and independent offices to my portfolio. If you are unable to meet we can chat through e-mail or Skype but in the first instance please contact via the link below or you can reach out to me at [email protected]